Keep your patients safe during vaccinations in times of social distancing  

From our long experience working together with healthcare clients, we know that improving Patient Experience and managing the Patient Journey addresses four main challenges.:

Patient Self Check-In

Reduce wait time and increase clinic efficiency.


In most clinics and hospitals, people checking in for diagnostics or treatment must be manually checked-in to the facility via reception desks and personnel. This situation requires excess staff to administer, causing backlogs, patient dissatisfaction, and additional costs.


We regard the patient check-in as the starting point of a seamless patient journey; patients self-administer check-in and routing. Our self check-in system is all managed through centralized administration and includes mobile applications and analytics.


Our solution Patient Self Check-in relieves congestion and provides more efficient use of staff, more patient empowerment and satisfaction, and reduced costs. The solution is based on modern IT infrastructure with well defined interfaces to other hospital systems. It is fully upgradeable: from stand-alone solutions to integrated enterprise.


"We provide solutions to global health environment to meet these challenges.". 


  • Improving efficiency

  • Enhancing patient experience

  • Increasing satisfaction

  • Making operational improvements

We deliver solutions globally to meet these challenges. To see how our solutions can make your process better, talk to us.

Patient Appointment Management

Improve patient experience and staff efficiency.


Patients visiting a hospital or a clinic normally have to wait before seeing a doctor or healthcare professional. The natural explanation for this is that demand for services exceeds supply. However, if you implement our Appointment Management System, patient scheduling can be better managed by matching patient demand with available healthcare resources. The result will be decreased patient wait times and greater visibility into required resources.


When it is possible to book appointments, some patients do not show up for their appointments. As much as 10-12% of appointments in a clinic are cancelled and up to 35% of all appointments made by patients are rescheduled. Using our Appointment Management makes it easier to treat walk-in patients when scheduled patients did not arrive (DNA) – which substantially improves clinic efficiency.



Hospital Resource Optimisation

Match your resources for optimal clinic efficiency.


Normally, clinic staff does not have a consolidated view of patients’ requirements so that they can be matched with available resources on other than a first-come-first-served basis. The result is lost opportunities for efficient space and clinician utilization. Also, longer patient wait times result in patient dissatisfaction.


Hospital and clinic administrators need to optimize clinical staff and facility utilization without sacrificing standards-of-care and patient satisfaction – a real challenge. Our Hospital Resource Optimization system gives clinic staff a centralized view of patients, their requirements and available matching resources. This will optimize both resource utilization and minimize patient wait times.