Join the mobile revolution


The mobile revolution will inevitably transform most companies business in the next decade and will trigger a more radical transformation toward systems of engagement. Mobile engagement empowers people to take the next most likely action in their immediate context. In order to be part of this change and to secure current and future opportunities within this field, Qmatic has developed Mobile Framework.


Allows customers are ahead of the queue, receive guidance and save time. By managing the queues, a business opportunity arises. A mobile solution allows it to offer its service in a relevant way and directly to the customer.

Mobile allows customers to beat the queue, get directions and save time. When queuing is managed, it’s a business opportunity. A mobile solution allows you to deliver service in a relevant way and straight into the customer’s palm. Your customers will be happier with a serving process that is fair and clear – and that even offers directions. You will be happier because your process will be more cost effective and you will soon find that you can serve more people with less resource. And if you want to integrate to your existing app, we have developed connectors and SDK’s to make the process smooth, simple and secure.

Some of the major features of our solution are:


  • The glue between the virtual and physical world

  • Seamless and efficient customer experience

  • Save time and improve efficiency

  • Gives directions and service time

  • Identifies the right location

  • Instant notification.

  • Improve service.

  • Delivers messages and information.

  • Integrates to third party apps via web services.



  • Empowering customers to act more freely, reserve a time with a service provider and understand where to get the fastest service.

  • Offer a personlised experience and communicate with the customer already before arriving at a physical locationCustomers can join a queue and get directions before they arrive. In fact, it starts the moment they think of the service they need. Simply put, it reserves their place so that they are there before they arrive

  • Customers get clear and instant directions, since Beat can use GPS. It also informs them when they need to arrive.Beat directs customers to the location with the service they require.

  • Los clientes reciben indicaciones claras e instantáneas, ya que Beat puede utilizar GPS. También les informa cuándo necesitan llegar.

  • You get instant notification when a customer selects a service, so that your staff can prepare and you can manage resources.

  • Use Beat to match the customer’s selected service with the right staff and competencies – and at the right time.The smartphone is a perfect surface for delivering relevant messages and useful information for the customer’s arrival.