Linear Queuing Management

Four prompts for clear direction. Solo Linea can provide four customer prompts — voice announcements, main display counter number, flashing counter display and main display arrows. All to minimise hesitation time and walk time.


  • Call forward efficiency. Calling customers forward with Solo Linea gives clarity to the process — and gives you back service time.

  • Reduces hesitation. With Choral voice prompt, customers know they are going to the right place to be served, reducing hesitation and time. It also lets customers with hearing or visual impairments get fast and fair service.

  • Easy to install and deploy. Solo Linea is easy to install and deploy in your existing service environment, and staff will find it quick and easy to adopt.

  • Digital signage. You can run your own slide show with Solo Linea and with our Cinematic player you can run video too.

With Solo Linea, the process is managed and fair so that customers are more willing to wait. Simply put, they know it’s just a matter of time before being served. Using the audio and visual prompts, you can serve more customers with less resource. This is good for customers – and more cost effective for you.