Vision and Sound

Speed the process and give certainty. Call customers with a polite voice in any language. People can get distracted while waiting to be served. Perhaps they are looking at merchandise or messages, for example.


Our product for voice & sound is real voice prompt that allows you to politely call your customers — and speed up the process.



  • Using Voice & Sound eliminates the stress of having to call out for customers and makes your service more professional, organised and polite.

  • Voice prompts offer reassurance since customers can hear that people are being called forward and served. As a result, they tend to move more quickly.

  • It gives your customers clear direction – reducing hesitation that can slow down the serving process.

  • Our product is a real voice delivered digitally in 16 bit and up to 48 kHz. Simply put, it is human and sounds human – making your service seem friendly and real.