Orchestra is an enterprise customer journey management platform for improved customer experiencess

Built for organizations with complex requirements, with many premises and a need to manage solutions centrally.

A powerful customer journey platform with tightly integrated modules and eco-system connectivity-


Orchestra will change the way your business operates at the sharp end where the customers are. Orchestra puts you in central control of your customer’s experience. Orchestra allows you to define the way your team will handle customers when they visit your branch – any of your branches. It allows your whole organisation to work in harmony – no matter how large or complex it is.


Queues are part of life. To manage a business opportunity arises. Mobile Qmatic enables its customers to connect with their service in a multichannel world. Customers will be happier with a process of care that is fair and clear, and even provides directions. You will be happier because the process is more economical and soon discover that you can serve more people with fewer resources. With our flexible structure, you can easily create your application or integrate to our existing applications.

Empower your employees to connect to customers in a personalized way delivering improved experiences

  • Get alerts and notifications

  • Get visibility of the service situation

  • Check in customers

  • Provide context marketing messages and information about the customers

  • Collect information about service outcomes

  • Measure customers satisfaction and NPSr

Using mobile technology to empower customers and improve customer experience


A mobile solution from Qmatic is the glue between the virtual and physical world empowering customers to act more freely, reserve a time with a service provider and understand where to get the fastest service.


  • Powerful API to develop mobile Customer Journey Management applications

  • Supports 3:d-party mobile platforms. Build apps for iOS and Androidd

Calendar and Appointment

Did the Calendar and Appointment online is right for you? To control the process of dating is a good thing. Alone, all you know is that people have an appointment to meet with you. What is useful is that you can ensure that the appointment is part of the care process so that no time is lost and the experience to develop smoothly.

Appointment Management


Integrated booking systems improve efficiency and customer experience


Enables organizations to move customers seamlessly from online to an in-person visit with the right employee providing the opportunity to create the personalized journey that differentiates a brand.

  • Let your customers manage their time and book appointments for your services in advance.

  • The Orchestra Calendar is tightly integrated with the Orchestra Journey Manager.

  • Integrate with external appointment systems using the calendar connectoro

Business Intelligence.

Advanced BI tools to capture touch point data and to monitor and learn from your employees and customers via Analysis tools and Dashboards.


The Dashboard enables viewing of customer journey data in dashboards. Each dashboard can be uniquely configured.


The Analysis allows you to interactively work with your statistical data by using functions as drill down, break down, sorting, select and deselect items and move items from columns to rows and vice versa.



Keep up to date with the current situation and adjust its operation to meet customer demand

  • Operations panel to display the current situation at the branch level

  • Reports to capture and present data in defined time periods

  • Customer Feedback for evaluating customer service experience

  • Journey data accessible through database views in the Orchestraa