Mobile Applications

It is time to embrace the mobile revolution

There are reports every week telling us how important mobile is, and will be, to the future success of almost every type of business. We need to understand the reports and act on the information.

Qmatic Mobile Connect

Empower your frontline staff and create better first impressions to ensure high quality, personalized customer experiences with smart business apps from Qmatic.


Your staff becomes more productive by having information at their fingertips that make it easier to provide great customer service. Manage walk-ins, pre-scheduled appointments and serve customers with an easy to use native mobile interface. The Mobile Connect app provides real-time status about waiting customers, customers currently being served and notifications on upcoming visits and appointments.

Mobile Connect is a smart business app from Qmatic for mobile devices. It is used for serving customers and allows for higher customer satisfaction scores by allowing your staff to attend customers on the floor, where they are and on their terms instead of behind a counter.

Qmatic Mobile Framework

The mobile revolution will transform most companies business in the next decade. It will trigger a more radical transformation toward systems of engagement. The key reason for this is that mobile engagement empowers people to take the next most likely action in their immediate context and in their moments of need.


A mobile solution from Qmatic is the glue between the virtual and physical world empowering customers to act more freely, reserve a time with a service provider and understand where to get the fastest service. It allows for a seamless and efficient customer experience. It provides the means for a service provider to offer a personalized experience and to communicate with customers before they arrive to the physical location.


With a mobile application from Qmatic, customers can join a queue and get directions before they arrive. In fact, it starts the moment they think of the service they need. It reserves their place so that they are there before they arrive – saving time and improving efficiency.

Some of the major features of our solution are:

  • Powerful framework to develop apps and integrate to existing apps.

  • Possible to run installed and in the cloud.

  • Take and cancel a ticket, mobile alerts, reserve a time slot.

  • Makes it possible to connect with your service in a multi-channel world.

  • Allows you to integrate the virtual and physical world.



  • Improve your service and enhance customer experience.

  • Customers can join the queue before arriving, saving valuable time.

  • Enhances your brand and provides the means to provide a seamless journey.

  • Communicate and market your company and services to customers outside your store/branch.