Integration Platform

Exchange all information safely anywhere, anytime – through all channels.


ntegration APIs platform is redefining conversations.Conversations in the Customer Experience Management ecosystem: from online bookings and workforce management to digital signage, to removing barriers by accelerating information sharing through mobile devices. You can safely exchange information from business systems to devices, from user to user, from anywhere at any time, without having to worry about data integrity or security..

The integration platform lets the right information reach the right person quickly, unleashing the power of the information that already exists within your enterprise – whether on premise, across mobile devices, or in the cloud.


The Enterprise System Orchestra’s APIs are known as Connectors. These provide a standard way of linking to other back-office and operational systems. Connectors are available for common functions like linking to an external appointment scheduling systems

Some of the major features of our solution are:

  • Orchestra Connectors are the connection points whereby other systems can talk to and work with Orchestra Customer Journey management solutions. Connectors take the form of an application programming interface or API, exposed as web services. They are used to link Orchestra with other functional software like Digital Signage or CRM other CEM applications so that a system consisting of Customer Journey management core Qmatic functions plus these other functions can be created to improve the system value.

  • Connectors can also be used to extend the Customer Journey management Qmatic capability by providing an extended or customized version of some Customer Journey management of our functions. For example an enhanced staff workstation terminal. Connectors conform to the Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture model.


  • Identification integration via card readers, barcode scanners and camera integration.

  • CRM and CEM Integration to fetch customer data

  • Workforce Management

  • Digital Signage

  • Web Integration

  • Tele Presence

  • VOIP

  • Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange

  • Calendar

  • SMS

  • Mobile applicationss