Self Service Kiosks

Manage Your first point of contact for customers with self-service kiosks.


We are convinced that a quality product is not only made up of the features it brings, but also for all components that generate lower maintenance costs. A self-service kiosk is designed to do the work for you, for a long period of time.


  • Fully flexible to work with all different software platforms. No unrecoverable costs if updates.

  • All the intelligence you need to provide better service in the device; no PC required. This simplifies things and reduces their concerns and technical expenses.

  • Capacitive touch screen just need to be pressed, so that your customers can use it. Moreover, the angle of the display becomes visible in a variety of environments.

  • n the solutions it is easy to configure its services and location settings with the plugin. If you need to replace a device, you can quickly retrieve all your settings.

  • ouch buttons or touch screen to suit any situation and customer traffic, which makes it ideal for contemporary and traditional settings.