Distributed Operations

A centralized enterprise solution that keeps your system going smoothly


The larger your organization gets the more difficult it becomes to ensure you have consistent working practices and approaches across the whole team. This matters because if you are not consistent then you cannot measure, learn and improve.


Orchestra is centralized so that all data is stored in one principal location. All configurations can be made from the center. These features mean Orchestra is easy to manage and easy to maintain.

CEach branch is unique in some way and rigid systems tend to limit how well a system adapts to the real world. Orchestra solves this by having a structured approach, which means rigid definitions for all business objects – so that say a product in one place is always identical to the same product in another – but flexibility in the way the objects are applied. So, for example, with Orchestra branches are grouped into types allowing similar branches providing similar services to be configured together in harmony. A product or service may be offered in one type of branch but not another. A product can be withdrawn from or added to all branches of the same type.

The more data you have the more accurate your conclusions will be when you analyse it. So an enterprise-wide solution for BI is the best you can get. However enterprise systems are only useful if the meaning of data from one branch exactly matches that meaning in the other branches. By keeping the definitions of business objects in the system under strict control Orchestra guarantees not only simple configuration but the most accurate business information. This consistency means that you can aggregate information from all branches to get a more accurate overall view. It also means that benchmarking is highly effective. All staff, branches, regions or whatever are being judged by identical criteria so relative scores are completely meaningful. What enterprise-wide data delivers is in a word accuracy.



Orchestra brings many unique elements together but any centralized platform requires good wide area networks. It’s also a reality that not all WAN’s are as good as you may like. So we have created a network break tolerance. It means that whether your WAN is good or bad, you will always be able to deliver great Customer Journey Management service in your locations.

Orchestra brinda muchos elementos únicos juntos pero cualquier plataforma centralizada requiere buenas Redes de área extendida. También es una realidad que no todas las WAN (Red de área extendida) son tan buenas como usted desearía. Por eso hemos creado una tolerancia a fallos de red. Esto significa que independientemente de la calidad de su WAN, siempre podrá proporcionar un buen servicio de CFM en sus ubicaciones.


Some of the major features of our solution are:

  • Qmatic Orchestra and the Orchestra database are installed as one central installation at the head office. The branches are installed with hardware such as ticket printers and displays.


  • Easy access to all valuable Customer Journey Management information.

  • Clients are zero footprint installation, only a web browser is required

  • Centralized user management – Manage all user access, authentication and privileges across a multi-branch network from a central administration point.

  • Central data management – All transaction data from across the entire branch network is stored within a central database.

  • Central branch configuration – Set up the branch configuration and hierarchy from a central location.