Customer Journey Management 

We live in the age of the customer

Customers want to do business with companies in more ways than before – social, digital, direct, in-store, mobile, and call center. An often forgotten touch point is the transition from the virtual to the physical world. Qmatic bridge that gap by integrating the virtual and physical world to create seamless customer journeys. By allowing customers to book online, to utilize their smart devices to manage their place in the queue, to self-check-in, to receive personalized service based on preferences and profile and to provide their views in real-time we make sure that both our clients and their customers and patients make the most of every meeting.

Siloed channels and systems create customer frustration. Our Customer Experience Management Solutions will change the way your business operates at the sharp end where the customers are. Consisting of a range of systems built with modern software and hardware designed to work together, they provide vast opportunities to integrate to other systems like CRM, Point of Sale, Business Analytics, Digital Signage, Hospital Information Systems and Mobile apps supporting the objective of making the most of every meeting.


  • Market leading systems to manage the face-to-face meeting.

  • Integration platform and a mobile framework to seamlessly integrate to the CEM ecosystem.

  • Data capturing throughout the journey including customer feedback devices to drive operational excellence and improved customer experience.



  • Exceptional customer experiences create the loyalty, advocacy, and repeat business that drives success.

  • Our systems helps deliver simple, consistent, and relevant experiences in the face to face meeting and in the transition from the virtual to the physical world.