Customer Feedback

A feedback system for continuous customer satisfaction improvement


Developed a product called Expressia, which is a feedback device where customers can evaluate their service experience by pressing Smiley buttons. Providing feedback is quick and effortless, ensuring an unparalleled amount of daily feedback.


Continuous feedback motivates employees and helps them maintain a high level of service. Also, a higher customer satisfaction generates a positive impact on the customer experience and loyalty. Management can always be sure that the service promise is fulfilled in each business unit.

When selecting a customer feedback solution from Qmatic you get a seamless integration with other relevant data such as waiting time. So for example, you can ask the question “how do you rate your waiting time today?” and combine that information from actual data on the waiting time.


Some of the major features of our solution are:

  1. Easy to deploy feedback units with Smiley buttons.

  2. Feedback units totally integrated with the Customer Experience Management and Queuing Systems.

  3. Possible to combine customer feedback with other relevant data from the system.



  • Quick feedback enables an efficient response on a regional and unit level

  • An Expressia feedback unit is a sign that you care about your customers and their experiences, and thus it increases loyalty, trust and commitment.

  • The feedback data is a way to ensure that the service promise is fulfilled in the unit network every day.