Online Appointment Booking

Integrated booking systems improve efficiency and customer experience

An online appointment system is a system where the whole process of setting an appointment is done through the Internet. Qmatic offers a totally integrated Calendar and Queue Management system to allow your customers and patients to book an appointment online, thereby creating a much better and more efficient flow.

Some of the major features of our solution are:

  • Web based calendar and online appointment system.

  • Personalized user interface.

  • Fully integrated to the queuing and self-service check-in system.

  • Integrate easily to third party online appointment systems and calendar solutions (e.g. Microsoft Exchange Server) through our Calendar Connector and web services.


  • Improved service and customer experience

  • Saves both customer’s and staff’s time.

  • Improved efficiency and reduced cost by more efficient use of staff.

  • Reduced no-shows.

  • Customer convenience thanks to 24/7 access to booking service.