Customer Experience in the Cloud

How can you balance the need to reduce costs, cut resources and address information security with the demand for better information responsiveness to the business, while enhancing the customer experience? As Qmatic Cloud was built specifically for our Customer Experience Management solution, it offers a worldwide managed hosted environment for a wide range of services and cloud-based applications, including queue management, mobile framework and business intelligencel.

Some of the major features of our solution are:


  • Software as a service (SaaS) supplied over a secure web communication.

  • Fully managed in a cloud environment and highly available

  • Multi-tenant architecture, accessible via unique domain name per client

  • Automatically updated with latest editions and features as they become available

  • Support and Maintenance services included

  • Backed by SLAo



  • It’s built for the enterprise: Qmatic Cloud is built specifically for Customer Journey Management managing your customers at the sharp end, where you meet them and provides the architecture, security, compliance, manageability, and flexibility that enterprises depend upon.

  • It’s secure: Information security requirements today go beyond preventing unauthorized data access. Organizations also need to bring security policies into the cloud so they can meet regulatory and legal governance requirements and remain in control of their information no matter where it is located.

  • It’s elastic: Organizational needs change and an information management deployment should not be a roadblock to those changes. Whatever stage you’re at, we can upsize and downsize your deployment on demand.

  • It’s cheaper: Managing your information in the cloud already means that you have no infrastructure and deployment costs. Managing your information in a cloud deployment built purposefully for the enterprise and Customer Journey Management not only lowers cost of ownership and reduces risk but also increases time-to-deployment for new applications.

  • It provides peace of mind: We take responsibility from deployment and maintenance, through monitoring, optimization and upgrade to application management, allowing you to focus on your business needs while we take care of the rest.