Customer Experience

Manage queues and Improve Customer Experience

The queues are one of the biggest disadvantages of shops, hospitals, banks and government institutions, and there are a lot of customers and citizens demanding a structured approach queues.


Our system gives control of the customer experience. It allows you to define how your team manages to customers when they visit your branch, either. Allows entire organization to function harmoniously, regardless of size or complexity.

System Management Customer Experience helps you organize your queues providing visitors solutions virtual and linear queue waiting Appointments or more sophisticated methods such as mobile applications and SMS messages.

These are some of the most important features of our solution:

  • A full range of systems that range from the basic needs of queuing systems to solutions for sophisticated enterprises with multiple branches and regions.

  • Provided with mobile capabilities and cloud.

  • Modern, fully integrated business intelligence system.

  • With access to well-defined integration and web service connectors.

  • Software and hardware designed to work together and proven in thousands of installations.



  • Manage and minimize waiting queues to improve efficiency and customer experience.

  • Collect statistics on our BI system to generate operational excellence.

  • Improve sales and reduce costs.