Media Player


  • Using Cinematic means you don’t need PC’s or live streaming. All the content is stored and ready to be played when and where you need it.

  • The ability to control still and HD moving images means you can be creative and deliver important, entertaining and engaging content.

  • If you combine Cinematic with Orchestra Customer Journey Planner you can control the message that appears on a number of surfaces throughout the customer’s journey — and get your message to where it counts.

  • Bringing all the content elements together, on your screen, could be complex. Queue information, pop up’s and moving images. Cinematic takes that complexity and makes it smooth and simple.

  • Cinematic gives the capability to plug in any type of video feed. This means that you can enhance your own content with entertainment, which further reduces the perception of waiting time.

Every organisation wants to get its message across. The challenge is to do it in a way that engages the audience. That means delivering useful, helpful and engaging content. Qmatic’s media player Cinematic allows you to do exactly this and, because you can combine your content with service information, you know your content is being looked at. Simply put, everybody benefits.