Business Intelligence

Data integration and business analytics generate operational excellence


Offer a fully web based business intelligence (BI) option which is very easy to use being, for example, fully drag and drop based. Our system is ready to integrate with third party data through our BI Connector and web services to create even clearer pictures of your business and how your services and customer experience rate. Its powerful graphical approach means it’s easy to get right to the heart of the important questions and answer them, just when you need to. You can even see your vital business intelligence on smart mobile devices in the hands of your staff..


Business users can intuitively access, visualize and analyze all customer flow data (e.g. waiting time, transaction time, lost customers, etc.)


to make information-driven decisions that positively impact business performance. It can rapidly develop and deploy a secure, scalable, flexible and easy to manage business analytics platform fully integrated with our Customer Experience Management solution Orchestra.


Some of the major features of our solution are:


  • Point and click access to any data – move from data to decisions instantly with a simple web-based wizard.

  • Quick discovery of your Customer Journey Management data – report, visualize and analyze data easily to identify business trends and exceptions.

  • Rich and interactive dashboards – identify the business metrics that are on track and the ones that need attention, and drill-through to more details.

  • Mobile Business Analytics – gain instant productivity by accessing, analyzing, creating and sharing business information from an iPad.


  • Drive operational excellence with support of vital data from your operations.

  • Put information in the hands of your staff for fast decision making. Provide them with smart business applications.

  • Easily integrate to third party BI tools for additional analysis.