Financials and Insurence


Today, traditional transactions are mostly handled online, while more complex products and services depend on face-to-face meetings with experts. A service success factor is getting the customer journey right to maximize sales effectiveness and create opportunities to build trust and strengthen the customer relationship. Many branches are now looking for ways to reset expectations with a total focus on the customer experience.


Our Customer Flow Management methodology has been helping banks and other financial institutions all over the world for over 30 years.



These are some of the challenges where our solutions make a difference:

  • Reducing costs.

  • Improving customer experience.

  • Increasing sales.

  • Increasing staff satisfaction




We deliver solutions across the world and know that every challenge is unique. To see how Customer Flow Management can make your process better, talk to us.

Customer Journey Communication

Maximize your up- and cross-selling opportunities with effective in-branch marketing.


Financial institutions know that a loyal customer is more valuable than one who hops from bank to bank. Identifying and knowing those customers is key – and making sure that the customer receives the right information is central to an efficient in-branch sales and marketing strategy.


The Qmatic Customer Journey solution gives a bank control of all the surfaces in the branch and not just the big screens on the wall. It provides the means to build up messages in stages for greater impact. Messages can be tailored to customers based on their service selection ensuring the right messages are targeted at the right customers. Having the system connected to a self-service check in solution makes it possible to target messages to individual customers.


The storyboard in Customer Journey lets you plan your messages and review the whole customer experience on one screen; you plan the ideal experience before it happens.



Banking by Appointment

Make it fast and easy for customers to schedule in-branch appointments.


Branch traffic and sales leads are declining at most banks. That traffic won’t return unless you take proactive steps to generate those leads. Banking by Appointment is one great way to do so. By empowering consumers and businesses to book in-branch meetings, retail banking services organizations greatly improve customer experiences, loyalty and revenue opportunities.


Our objective is to make customers booking their appointment, knowing that staff with the right knowledge and experience will be ready and waiting. One-to-one appointments with customers in-branch provide you with the greatest means to deliver a uniquely personal banking service, build trust and retain clients. The staff at the branch will know who is coming and what their needs and interests are before they arrive. This situation gives the staff the opportunity to be well-prepared for the appointment, rather than just reacting to walk-in visits.


Qmatic Banking by Appointment provides a stand-alone booking solution as well as integration to third party solutions to support your specific needs. Our solution can be extended to incorporate mobile applications.


  • Efficient delivery of relevant and personalized information in-branch.

  • Improved up- and cross sell opportunities.

  • Better use of staff, due to possibilities to match service demand with the right advisor.

Mobile Queuing

Give your customers the right service at the right time.


For a bank customer getting premium service is not easy. Finding the closest branch offering the service you want could be difficult. And when you find it, there are most likely a lot of other customers also wanting to be served. You need to queue and you need to wait to be served.


As a service provider you need to offer the right service at the right time. All with the objective of offering a total experience that makes your customers want to come back. Customers have a lot of choices elsewhere; you do not want them walking out with a bad experience and not coming back.


The answer is to offer your services on your mobile banking solution. Customers choose what service they want, find the closest office offering that service and place themselves in the queue – virtually. They can even choose the branch with the shortest waiting time. They don’t have to wait in line, but can wait anywhere doing other things while “waiting”. When it is their turn, or a defined time before, they are called through their mobile to be served. This will not only create a positive experience for the customers, but also balance the demand for service between the offices as customers can choose where to go, based on the present waiting time.



  • Create an exceptional customer expirence

  • Streamlines the delivery of services in a multichannel environment

  • Improves the chances of incremental selling and cross-selling

  • Added to all this, the Qmatic systems incorporate business intelligence tools that enable full traceability of customers, obtaining detailed transaction volume, wait times, service times and productivity jobs.