POS (Point of Sale)

Mycus 7

The ISPOS is a blend of contemporary design and functionality. Stay ahead of the competition with no fan and no ventilation senors all-in-one touch system, ISPOS. Encased in a solid cast aluminum housing pressure dissipate heat, they bring innovation ISPOS precisely at its best.


The ISPOS has undergone stringent industry testing for input protection rules and awarded a rating of IP66, certifying high protection against liquids and dust particles, foresees durability and sustainability that is unparalleled by other.

The ISPOS offers ergonomics is artificial to the natural movement of the human body that ensures compatibility and optimize the level of user comfort. The ISPOS provides enhanced features such as accessories and hidden cable management assembly internal security, along with a sleek design professional hardware and state of the art goal. Available in 15 "or 17" screen size monitor.


Dual ISPOS provides a second screen for providing an attractive BISHOPS to capture the customer's attention with platform advertising, promotion and motion video at the point of purchase. Dual ISPOS is not only versatile, but also provides for optimum exposure to capture customers.

Space is no longer a problem with the ultimate all-in-one POS solution, the ISPOS WP. Elegant construction and full of ISPOS and add to it a thermal printer built hidden inside an enclosure. 

Dual Screen, Dual Functionality, Double Advantage ...


Power with precision

Stay ahead with the terminals ISPOS ventless, his body cast aluminum housing pressure remains strong and compact look and has an innovative mechanism designed to prevent dust, oil and water in harsh environments. ISPOS is specially designed to satisfy customers needs in terms of ergonomics and efficiency at work. For the best convenience, ISPOS has a unique ergonomic card reader inclined 30 degrees to users developed for customers while maintaining the comfort and design of aluminum housing helps you to easily clean.


Kiosk Display System​

The display system kitchen or kiosk display system is a robust and integrated with a fanless design specially developed for the use of harsh environments POS system. In terms of reliable design KDS ', we help companies to improve work efficiency and provide safe working environments. Especially for the hospitality industry, KDS is dustproof and liquid and system crash. 


Kiosk Kitchen / System Screenss


Furthermore, in order to suit different requirements, customers have contact (T) and the glass (G) shows to choose.


● Removable hard drive

● IP66, water and dust


● Mounting VESA

Disco duro removible
Base de pared y techo
Carcasa de aluminio