Printers PR9 Plus / PR9 Scanner

It is an ideal choice for document processing in financial institutions and public administration tool. Allows flexible printing on a wide variety of media, as well as the acquisition of images and texts for automatic processing and storage.

Key Benefits

compact, elegant and innovative design that integrates all functions (all in one) for financial institutions and public printing matrix 24 points with automatic edge, alignment and document thickness detection.

Flexible USB or Serial Scanner one or double-sided A4, black and white, grayscale and color connectivity up to 600 dpi Capacity OCR (optical character recognition) and code recognition line magnetic, MSRE and RFID Display with  device messages and the application for the operator.

Mangement Document

Handles a wide range of formats and thickness of documents, from simple sheets up to A4, passbooks, vouchers, payments, tickets, multipart forms.


Self-alignment capabilities and automatic thickness detection, ensure processing documents with varying thickness up to 2mm, which can be inserted in any position without alignment. Documents are scanned or printed in a fast, reliable and efficient.

Easy to use

he end user can change the print ribbon easily without requiring specialized training. The innovative mechanical design facilitates user PR9 access the paper path to remove stuck paper and also to clean the internal components. Ergonomic LCD display (2 lines x 20 characters) facilitates configuration and management team.

Ease of Integration

The PR9 fits your IT environment because it supports a wide variety of industry standards and financial emulations. It provides serial and USB 2.0 connectivity. As well as a wide variety of optional devices such as Scanner, HMSR, MICR, tractor y RFID.

Low Cost of Ownership

The PR9 offers the most cost lowered property market, the tape has a shelf life of over 5 million characters and optional tapes up to 10 million characters. The print head with heavy duty life of more 400 million dots per needle ensure a consistent and outstanding performance.

Thermal printer with Ethernet Port Serial and USB

Main featuress

•Ticket printer with thermal printing technology.

•Paper size: 40 columns.

•USB, Serial, Ethernet

•Printing using thermal head

•Connecting via a serial port (DB-25 connector or USB)

•You can also modularly adapted to connect via Ethernet LAN.

•Thermal paper roll width 79.5 ± 0.5 mm

•Speed 300 mm / s

Dot Matrix Printer

Main featuress

•9 Pin Dot Matrix Impact Printing

•Supports Ethernet printer

•Includes USB and serial port

•Mark Sensor Paper Low

•International language

•Supports Win9x, WinXP, Win2003, Vista

•Compatible with ESC / POS

•Supports realtime status monitoring

•Supports printing server connection

•Dimensions 355×155×190mm

•Auto Cutter

CTS Electronic– Reader LS100

A small package of outstanding features! LS100 is not only the smallest member of the LS series CTS check scanner, but the scanner checks smallest on the market, so it is ideal for teller stations and points remote deposit capture device.

The compact and elegant design LS100 is designed to be ideally suited to any desktop, bank teller, small business environments and traders. With a variety of configurations, built reliable, minimum operating noise and high quality processing functions, LS100 proves to be the best choice for professional applications capture verification.


The small size and accessibility of the LS100 make it an easy product to use, the handling capacity of 1 to a maximum of 20 objects by time and speed of over 40 dpm, will be able to meet the processing requirements: everything done in seconds. They packed into a small space are all essential features for professional capture: single front greyscale pass and image of further verification, reading MICR accurate, subsequent printing inkjet backup, front postage self-inking, Ethernet magnetic reading magnetic stripe card, expanded connectivity via USB, RS232 or WHQL certified drivers free tools including OCR and barcode decodings.

The LS100 offers coupled with excellent hardware, also a world of application development and integration software tools that are common to scanners CTS covers and also available as a class for .net developers. Checking the quality of the captured images is simplified by the IQA integrated package, while automatic data extraction with the support of free modules dedicated to OCR, PDF417 and barcode. Bitonal conversion, image compression and file formats common to saved images complete the software function library. Windows and Linux operating platform are supported. Scanner drivers can also be provided in the Twain compatible version and ISVs third-party hardware.

Main featuress

•Fast scanning front and back - one pass

•Inserting a Vertical -easy and accurate document

•Feeder Sensor - once entered the document begins its drag

•Output pocket up to 20 documents - increases productivity

•Option ADF up to 52 dpm - efficient processing

•Head MICR reader - accurate reading magnetizable characters

•Endorser ink jet - programmable text

•Optional magnetic stripe reading - processing credit or debit cards

•Operating systems and drivers - Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, Ranger and TWAIN


Portable Thermal Printer

Main features

  • Easy paper roll loading, classic three-button Easy Mode

  • 1900mA / 7.4V rechargeable lithium ion batteries imported, long life.

  • 230m length of continuous printing, Auto standby and sleep mode, the longer waiting time would be 7 days.

  • USB + (standard) Bluetooth, USB + WIFI Port (Optional)

  • BT 3.0 and Bluetooth 4.0 BLE option, support Android and iOS system.

  • ESC / POS, NV code, the QR code compatible.

  • DLL / SDK / Demo application provides for free, if necessary.